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The Sweet Truth
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of consuming excessive amounts of sugar. From sugary drinks and processed snacks to desserts and hidden sugars in our everyday foods,...
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Who is a Holistic Nutritionist?
What is a Holistic Nutritionist? Are they different from a Dietician or Nutritionist? Holistic nutritionists are dedicated professionals who educate their clients about the health benefits of natural...
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Macular Disease
Low Nutrient Diet and Eye Health The macula degenerative diseases ( AMD )are on the increase. They are the main cause of permanent vision loss. According to Macular Society, 20 million people will have...
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Cancer and High blood Sugar
The research is showing that it is pretty clear and evident that diabetes and high sugar/insulin levels are associated with increased risks of cancer like colon, breast , utrine, pancreatic and bladder. Conventional...
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