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Ayesha Shaukat is the one who runs this website. “We,” “us,” and “our” refer to Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist, throughout the website. You, the user, are provided with this website, all information, tools, and services by Ayesha Shaukat, subject to your agreement to all terms, conditions, policies, and notices contained here.

We give the security of your data first priority at Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist. This section describes how we collect, retrieve, and transfer user information solely for our esteemed clients. The terms listed below guarantee that no confidential information will be disclosed to third parties in accordance with our policy. You accept our terms and conditions, which correspond to the definitions of our Service terms when you interact with our website.

Ethical Data Collection and Transmission Procedures

Our business carefully stores every data obtained from the Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist website. We follow a strict procedure for gathering data with explicit authorization, guaranteeing that your privacy is paramount. Your information is never shared, sold, or disclosed to outside parties. Our visitors’ and clients’ contact information may be used strictly for notification. Periodic emails may inform customers about limited-edition specials, time-limited promos, or exclusive deals, which would improve the consumer experience.

Protection of Your Data

One of the pillars of our business is data security. Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist, uses strong security measures and industry-recognized procedures to ensure the privacy of our clients’ information.

Third-Party Advertising Transparency

The systems of our advertising partners may use cookies during their campaigns on our website. These cookies allow marketers to customize their ads depending on your choices and other important data. However, Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist, has no control over how these ad networks specifically employ cookies. Cookies can be used to collect visitor data anonymously and verify user IDs.

Cookies to Improve User Experience

With other technologies, cookies improve your web browsing on the Ayesha Shaukat Holistic Nutritionist website. We can give a more individualized and gratifying experience thanks to the help of these tools, which help us identify and analyze user behaviors. You may always change your settings to control your cookie preferences.

Making the Most of New Policies

The terms on our website are subject to change, so please be aware. Any changes to our policies are effective the moment they are announced. You should frequently check this section for updates to ensure you are aware of any changes to our procedures.

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