Macular Disease

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Low Nutrient Diet and Eye Health

The macula degenerative diseases ( AMD )are on the increase. They are the main cause of permanent vision loss. According to Macular Society, 20 million people will have the disease by the year 2040. Already, the number is around 11 million only in North America alone.

Most people who will be affected and develop AMD will be over the age of 60, but it’s not just the older people who will only develop this disease but also smokers and people with poor diet and nutrient deficiencies, diabetes, and people who are on multiple medications/drugs who don’t supplement with nutrients depleted by their meds.

Different early symptoms of AMD include difficulty reading, seeing black spots, and colour change along with other vision distortions.

AMD is thought to be a result of free radical damage to the macula, which is responsible for vision.

In my practice, I see people who are on medications and haven’t got a clue what extremely important nutrients are being lost and how to reinforce them through diet and supplements. Then, the second mistake I see constantly is taking the wrong supplements, I have said it so many times and will say it again ” NOT all supplements are made equally.”

Unfortunately, as one ages less and less of the antioxidants are produced by the body. Unless we get these antioxidants from diet and supplements, eye disease like glaucoma, AMD, and other disorders will develop.

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